Church of Pizze: Takeout

Lord have mercy! One of the tastiest pizza pies I have ever indulged in. You'll swear you're sinning! But no... these pizzas are truly heaven-sent!

- Reverend Blissman

Hallelujah! The ingredients on my pizza were of such holy high quality freshness I could swear to the good lord above that they were placed on my pie by an angel.

- Za Za Gabor

I have been searching for pizza such as this for my entire 98 years of life. Ol' Arlo's gonna hang on for a few more years thanks to the Church of Pizza.

- Ol' Man Arlo

Praise Cheeses! The Church of Pizza is here to satisfy your most pie-ous longings. Whether you prefer the purity of the Virgin Margherita or tempting chickeniness of the Bawk of Revelations, our pies are here to redeem your hunger. Enjoy a side of salvation as we absolve you of all culinary sins!

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